Sample of Helpful Shipping Reminders

Print to use Our Easy to Follow: Shipping Check List/FFL License Info/Shipping Label.

All to be used to Correctly and Easily ship your item.

[  ] Reminder:SHIPPING IS DIRECT TO AND DIRECT BACK TO  YOU with signature required! Do not use an FFL on your end. Current Federal Firearms License #x-xx-xxxxx-xx-xxxxxx 

[  ] By placing the order you Certify that you are Age 21 and the Current LEGAL owner of the firearm being sent to and that the Shipping address given on the order is in FACT your Legal address. (covered in agreed upon terms when order placed).

[  ]  Print your submitted order 2x. We must have this with the item when received, so we can validate the pricing and work requested in your order, keep One copy for your records. - This MUST be included with your order.

[  ]  Double check information: If you notice any errors in the Printed out order to be included with your item. Please correct in  Legible hand writing  on the order being sent with your items.

[  ] Print any email quote you received from us (if any). - This MUST be included with your item.

[  ] Payment In FULL by: USPS money order/Cash (no wait). Cashiers/Personal check. (checks usually clear in 7-10 business days ( but must be cleared before item can be return shipped).

[  ] Important note: Make Checks/Money orders out to Tim B.


Credit card:   We can send you a picture of your completed item, you can then pay by Paypal as a gift (to get around the 4% upcharge), using your name and order # only as reference, Our Paypal Email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Pre paid by Paypal is As fast as M/order/cash option above. Takes approximately 5 minutes to setup acct and use any C/card for payment. (if paid via paypal prior to shipping include a copy of payment with your item).

[  ] Packing/Shipping: Use the smallest sized container your item will comfortably fit in. To insure no additional return shipping cost is needed.

[  ] As a reminder, please take the time to ship your item(s) in Secure sturdy, Protective packaging such as BUBBLE WRAP is best  that meet the shippers requirements for insurance coverage(do not use shipping peanuts),.
Note: Insured items can be denied coverage by the shipper for lack of protective materials and incorrect packaging.

[  ] Cut off and use the shipping label below for your convenience. Seal and attach to outside of box.

[  ] Take Atf FFL license info below.

Take With you to shipper to insure "No Hassles".

Take this with you for shipping in case its requested. 

Use Atf's link:

Expiration Date:
License Name: XXXXX
Premise Address:
Filled in on copy printed after actual order is submitted.

[  ] Request Delivery Signature Service, You don't want your items left outside the door unsecured.

[  ] You should receive an email when your items arrive, any issues with the order (updated estimates etc) and again on the return shipping date. ****

****If the need arises to follow up on your item (10-15 business days after arrival) log in to the site to verify any updated actions, Please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (email is answered min of 10 times per day), or lastly call xxx-xxx-xxxx (slower than email response).


PLEASE NOTE: All Return shipping handled with USPS with signature required to insure receipt of your items.



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