Do It Yourself Price and Outcome Comparison!

Heres an expense comparison.


Do it Yourself! Costs

4 oz of Cerakote and shipping $45.00

Hvlp Gun $39.99

Qt Acetone 9.99

Box rubber Gloves $6.99

Respirator $20

Jig Creation ? $15 Depending on type of Jig you make.

Metal prep (blasting of metal etc)$1.00 per Minute is average cost by shops that will do your blasting, Avg 30 min =$30

Gt= $165

Gunsmith Dis assembly if you can't fully disassemble $40-65

Fuel to drive to Gunsmith, blasting shop,Hardware store $15

Avg Cost Gt= $220

In addition to Compressor $200-1500, Oven (not used for food purposes)$200-300.

Vs Acoating!

Base cost $130

Disassemble Reassemble $40

Gt= $170 Savings of $50.00 or more if item needs to be re blasted and re coated to an unacceptable outcome.

Total Savings would be the original $220 (do it yourself expense for materials) plus repair of unacceptable coating $170=$390

In addition to the headache and wasted time of attempting to Do it yourself.


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