Why cant I find your Address and phone # on the web site?

Due to the nature of the business we keep the address from the general public on the INTERNET in order to schedule and track appointments of new arrivals at the facility. In addition to keep our VALUEABLE Customers projects in a secure low traffic environment so we can concentrate on the project and keep others from showing up to TALK and look for ways to enter and remove items by way of THEFT. 

To reduce the chances of THEFT due to having not so Honest individuals stopping by to break in.

Due to the volume and length of phone conversations etc in addition to keeping prices affordable in these times of economic unrest, most information and interaction can best be handled by EMAIL, creating a written log of estimates for you our customer along with us as an effective, efficient service provider.


Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to completing your projects!

As always we are more than willing to send a copy of our FFL to you for your records when you have decided to send your project to us. (Best form of protection for you as it proves ATF and FBI have our information and how to retrieve your items if you havent received them back with in our smokin fast turn around times, ) Comparted to others at 6-12 wks.




But why dont you make it easy for INTERNET USERS to get your address and stop by?

Information is provided after your order is submitted via the web site Order page. Sent to your email within seconds of order submission.

As for the address its handed out to customers as they order services for reasons listed on the web site. Done by appointment to keep my day free to leave as needed to complete pickups etc.

Insurance doesn't do so great when you have to recreate the jigs, repurchase items and tell clients that the operation has been compromised due to the shopping, of others looking to see what can be taken and how. Creating a large back log of work due to being shut down, upset customers for having there custom items they have been working on and sending from state to state for completion has all been stolen. Not to mention the paperwork for police department and ATF.

As far as looking at my work, items are completed and packaged daily to leave to as far away as Denmark and the uk.
Completed items cant be handled as this happened many yrs ago and one item was scratched and guess who had to redo at no charge (passing on all delays to out valued customers). For a gentleman that didnt even leave/have an item to leave for reconditioning.

This is why there are several hundred photos of completed items on the web site with close ups of finished surface, before and after photos etc.

Here is a link to our past customers testimonials.


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