What is the break in procedure after the coatings are applied?

This Applies To Both The Cerakote and Duracoat break in Period.

One of the great properties of our Cerakote finish is the added shielding and self lubrication that protect your firearm from corrosion and damage.  The material that forms this defensive barrier also adds a small degree of thickness to each part of your firearm.  And, as a result, requires some action to re-mate all of the surfaces properly. For,  Glocks and similar handguns, that have loose fit of slide, barrel, and frame, almost no break-in is required.  Accuracy and loose fit are actually improved.  For tighter fitting guns like Sig Sauer,  custom built 1911’s, and any other guns with extremely tight  tolerances,  the added material shield will increase tightness of the fit and will require some break in to achieve top performance.

Our recommendation is to fire between 100 and 200 rounds through your gun after refinishing.  During this process you may experience sluggish slide return, stove-pipes, and similar malfunctions.  This is normal and the reason you are performing this break in process.  Once you have fired a 100 rounds, field strip your firearm and thoroughly clean and lubricate it before putting it back in action.  This procedure will give your newly coated firearm a chance to mate all surfaces and clear excess material. A second hundred rounds and cleaning could be necessary on extremely tight hand built guns.  Hand cycling and dry fire can also be used to help hasten the process. Once all surfaces are mated and cleaned you should get the best operational performance.


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