What parts can be coated?

Pistols: Slide, frame,trigger shoe, magazine release, safties, hammer, slide stops, grip screws, barrels, removable sights if needed, pins etc.

Rifles: Included in the standard price is the barreled action, bottom metal, screws, mag

box, pins and swivel studs as well as any other attached metal parts. I also
include one set of bases and rings in the standard price.

Triggers are a touchy subject for some people. My standard practice is to coat
trigger shoes (taping off the critical internals careful not to alter the settings operation etc) with the exception of the critical surfaces such as the sear. I will not coat
Jewell triggers or some other aftermarket triggers. If coated, triggers are set at a
safe pull weight/sear engagement upon reassembly.

Unless otherwise specified I will coat the entire bolt body, though it is certainly
possible to leave the bolt body uncoated and just coat the bolt handle and

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