How Long Does It Take/How to prevent delays in project?

Completion of your project varies due to specifics of the project, material delivery dates (in hand or special order), production schedule for camouflage vs solid colors. Same as with a Dr's office or any other line for service we take the time needed with each project to insure the satisfactory outcome, some require more or less. Rest assured your project will receive the time and attention it requires when we are working on your project.

Prior years completion times varied from 2-4 weeks on most items (some camouflage projects can take 6-8 wks  or longer if needed). Rest assured if it s not completed by this time we are working tirelessly to get it completed as we are looking to get paid for the coating and need the space :), as well as look forward to adding your testimonial to our growing list.

Please follow the steps below to insure no delays are in project.

1) Decide on your project item, pick colors, (need us to disassemble and reassemble?), Check pricing guide for total or Email to get a Written Estimate (suggested).

2) Use order form to submit your project information (You will receive a copy of your order along with Easy to Follow shipping instructions in your inbox within Seconds).

3) Package your item in the same protective packaging you feel comfortable having the item returned to you in after the coatings/repairs have been made. Large Heavy shipping containers (ex. Pelican cases will cost more and will increase our return shipping cost that's added to your final costs).

4) Ship with SIGNATURE required on you package (this insures the shipper does not leave outside the shipping address if we are not available), the item will remain secured by the shipper until we sign for it and take it into our possession.

5) Insure all your contact information is with the item.

6) Insure payment choice is included with the item, Usps money orders (Items are immediatly placed on production schedule due to no wait to insure funds are available), Cashiers checks or personal checks take 3-7days to clear our bank (per our national banks president).

7) Include all parts you would like coated if your disassembling (only parts pertaining to the firearm we are coating will be coated so if it belongs to something else its better to get a qoute or expect it returned un coated), We are glad to provide an affordable qoute for anything you may need coated and look forward to providing the opportunity to having items matched at the same time.

8) Provide a prepaid return shipping label with the item your shipping (preferred shipping source is Usps due to cost and delivery,pickup,signature request services. IF Ups or Fedex please note an additional expense for drop off of the item at depot locations (approximatly 30 miles from our location due to shipping of firearms are only accepted at depot locations by Ups and Fedex).

9) Email when the item has been shipped and a confirmation email will be sent to you the day it arrives or you can check via the signature receipt by Usps.

10) The Item will be coated/repaired as instructed or per our original estimate via email or if un forseen expenses arrive you will always receive a notification via email explaining the issue in full. No repairs will take place until we have complete full agreement on costs and details of the repairs.

The Item will be shipped direct back to you with a signature request so plan on signing for it :). Your item is extremely important to us and we want only you to enjoy it :).


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