How do I Easily Process an order for my Project?

Licensed ATF Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL)

(L#9-86-xxxxx-xx-03357) Dealer/Gunsmith)

Shipping is direct to and Direct back to you with Signature Required.

No need to use and FFL on your end. This is not a Transfer, Only Gunsmith Repair.   

The following suggestions are made:

1) To make the shopping experience informative and enjoyable. Very simple process. Enjoy!

Short Version: (Enhanced Version Below)

*Approximate time to complete the order is 5-7 minutes, Shipping Check list/Instructions 10-15 minutes with packaging etc. View information via web site as much as you need. 99.% of questions/concerns are answered.

1) View web siteDecide what you want, Decide to send in (Contact Us via Email, if help needed), Pick color choices (write down for use later). Use Order page to start the order process, Pick the look of the item your after and Make Entry selections Carefully! note in comment box any items that need special attention, Items estimated upon arrival via email for approval ie Malfunctions/damaged parts etc. (Many items can not be accurately estimated without being in hand), Personal info entry, Terms/conditions agreed, SEND order.

2) Check your email Print Order and Easy to Follow shipping instructions check list, Package and Ship.

3) You will be emailed when item arrives and (web site updated for 24/7 log in updates), or if any issues arise (needed parts/?'s etc), otherwise items will be processed and You are emailed back when ready to return ship to you (using Usps email  tracking notification).

4) Items requested (in comment box of order page) or Found needing Attention during repairs that are not able to be Found on the INITIAL submitted order.

***An Email will be sent to you detailing costs to cure,Time requirements to obtain items needed, Items Completed after your approval. Pay by Pay pal Invoice (fastest to your email) or you can Send in a Check (items don't ship until all funds have arrived and cleared).

5) Payment: Preferred methods are Money order (no delay in return shipping), Personal or Cashiers Checks (items do not return ship until checks clear, usually cleared by completion date), Cash, Credit cards are handled thru invoicing of Pay pal when the item is finished (adds 4% to the total).

**No need to use an FFL on your end per Atf for Gunsmith Repairs. This is not a transfer of ownership and must Return ship to the Legal Owner Submitting the order of the Item at the Current Legal address ( No Po boxes).

 Thank you for Choosing to process your Projects!


Enhanced Version of order processing:

1) View the complete site to see How to order, test result comparisons, Galleries of completed projects, Testimonials etc.

2) Once decided that you would like to complete your project. Use the color samples page (pick and write down your color choices for use later).

3) Pick the look your after on the order page and click to begin Careful information entry. Notice every entry can be clicked or hovered over to view additional information.

4) Make your selections/Entries Carefully, insuring all selections have been covered, Indicate any Repairs/malfunctions that need to be assessed and estimated (via email for approval). Select your shipping container (we use and suggest shipping to us in Usps flat rate boxes for long guns) Ups or fed ex for Handguns), Insurance value for return shipping.

5) Next Enter Exact Current Personal/Contact information.

   **Agree to the Terms and Conditions, to Certify  that you are Age 21 and the Legal owner of the firearm and that Return shipping address used is your Actual current address.

       BE AWARE :Shipping to another address/Individual is punishable by ATF as an Illegal transfer of firearm.

       Click Save

6) Check your email as the server just Sent you your order!

7) Your Information entry is Completed and ready to print out 2 copies (1 to ship with items, 1 for your records), Easy to follow Shipping instructions (takes about Avg 15 Minutes) can now be printed as well.

8) Take your Securely boxed/packaged items to Shipper of Choice (taking shipping instructions which has FFL# if asked for).

9) Once item arrives we will update the web site information which can be obtained by you 24/7 by signing into the web site or you will receive an email directly.

    * Any repair requests/ Concerns with order etc. We will email you directly with Estimates for approval or Needed Clarification.

    ** If no items are required and the order looks Clear and no delays for material etc. Items will be processed.

   *** Otherwise item will be placed on hold Awaiting your response from above Estimate email/Clarification needed email. Once we receive Authorization/Clarification Item will be placed in order for processing.

10) Once Item is completed ( 7-15 business day average, unless clarified in email sent previously). Web site will be updated for your viewing any time you would like to check on status via the website.

11) Once packaged and shipping label is entered for return shipping, web site is once again updated and email sent to you via Usps for TRACKING information.

12) Once item arrives please Email us at to indicate item arrived.


Thank you for Allowing to process your Projects/Parts!






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