I had just completed a AR15 80% lower receiver and started looking for someone to complete the finish on it. I found a company that talked a good game on the phone and based on the closeness to my home had them Cerackote the lower.  The problems started soon after I dropped the part off.  The first completion date came and went followed by unanswered phone calls and unreturned emails.  After three weeks I was able to pick up the lower.  The coating job was bad, really bad, so bad they did it at half price.  I was just happy to receive the lower back.  Then I set out to find someone to undo the damage done, no one wants a lower that's coved in orange peel and defects in the finish.  After doing some searching found Tim at Alternative Firearm Coating.  He went over the process and assured me he could remove the coating and refinish.  I dropped the lower receiver in the mail box on a Thursday afternoon and received it back on the following Tuesday, talk about quick turn around time.  The receiver finish was better than expected.  The last coater said it was all do to it being a forging and no anodization on the part, total BS.  The finish was nice flat and even over the the whole part.  I can't thank Tim enough for being able to quickly get this lower receiver absolutely looking great.  If I ever need another part refinished Alternative Firearm Coating will be who I select.
Kris H.

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