The Cerakote finish has taken an ugly little Duckling and changed it into a beautiful Swan with class and eloquence.

The Cerakote finish will cover most minor blemishes and Tim is more than able to remove and polish the gun during the prep phase as needed and as agreed. In my case the gun was fairly well finished when it was provided to Tim and he added his final flourish to make it look newer than new and his suggested color selection resulted in a very custom look - in my opinion adding to the value of the pistol.

The added benefit to those biologically opposed to cleaning their guns is the lower co-efficient of friction resulting from the coating and the ease with which it may be cleaned.

The coating is relatively hard and I have yet to scratch it - I don't go out of my way to do this with my guns but I believe it would be resistant to dents and dings as I do not baby my firearms and I have had zero problems.

The result is a gun that functions better, is easier to clean, and looks and feels like a new gun  - a total win win situation.

I would recommend ACoating for restoring and bring new life to moribund firearms - remember - a pretty gun is a happy gun.

Walter D. Kradin

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