Cerakote Gun Coatings Hardness Test: Astm D3363

Cerakote Hardness

Hardness, or Pencil Hardness (Astm d3363) Is measured by using different grades of pencil lead to cut through the coating surface. To conduct this test, a coated panel is placed on a flat, horizontal surface. A weighted trolley with the hardest pencil lead (9h) is placed on the panel and pushed away from the operator. The length of the stroke should be about 6.5mm. This process is repeated until a lead is found that will not cut thru the coating to the metal for a distance of at least 3mm (this is the pencil hardness rating). This process is then repeated until a lead is found that will not scratch the coating (this is the scratch hardness rating). Cerakote h-146 Graphite black finished strong with a 9h hardness rating, the highest hardness rating that be achieved. 


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