Pillar bedding is another one of the most important items of an accurate rifle. The bedding must be done in a stress free manner. I take great pride in my bedding work. I want it to look and function as good as the rest of the rifle. I am using Pro-Bed 2000 or Marine Tex, as a bedding compound. I am finding that this works best for my techniques of bedding along with giving a totally stress free job. All of my bedding jobs are let set to cure for at least 48 hours before removal. I am using and Action Jack for removal of the action from the stock. This will insure that the action pulls strait from the stock with no tweaks to the bedding.

PRICE:   $225.00*/**

Disassemble and reassemble the barreled action/trigger/bolt etc from the stock assy. $45

Install scope and bore sight $75

*Parts not included/**Refinishing of barreled action is recommended after this service/Prices subject to change


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