Cerakote Gen II Coatings

Cerakote Gun Coatings Generation II Signature Management Coatings

Reduced Weapons Visual-IR Signature Detection

Liquid Ceramic Coatings for Optimum Performance and Reduced Weapons Signature

POC: Leah Taylor, PhD; 541.826.1922; leah@nicindustries.com


Advancements in camouflage and signature management technologies significantly improved soldier survivability. This technology, employed in combat uniforms and tactical vehicle paints, substantially reduced detection by enemy combatants in both day and night operations. While significant improvements have been made to help the warfighter avoid detection, little has been done to reduce the non-firing signatures of individual and crew-served weapon systems, accessories, and mounts.

Traditional flat, black surface treatments such as phosphate, anodize, black oxide, and other processes in use today offer no visual, near-infrared, or thermal signature management capability. The lack of these important capabilities leaves warfighters vulnerable to detection, thereby placing them at risk during day and night combat operations.

Technology Offering

NIC Industries, Inc. leveraged its proven civilian Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) ceramic-based firearm coating, marketed under the trade name Cerakote, and developed a second generation material, known as Cerakote Gen II. This next-generation coating was developed specifically for military small arms and crew-served weapon applications where a capability is needed to manage the visual and near-infrared signature while at the same time enhancing durability, reliability, and maintainability.

In addition to the signature management capability, Cerakote Gen II offers superior wear and corrosion resistance under the wide variety of adverse environmental conditions likely to be encountered in all theaters of operation. An added feature of Cerakote Gen II is that it can be applied to a variety of material substrates, allowing the coating to be applied to legacy and newly manufactured weapon systems, as well as accessories and mounts.

Visual Signature

The Cerakote Gen II family of coatings offers the user visual signature camouflage that can be manufactured to custom color standards (i.e., FedStd, Pantone, etc). For operations conducted during normal daylight hours, signature management is accomplished through the application of an unlimited array of camouflage colors and patterns. Some of these different camouflage options are shown in Figure 2.