Standard Camouflage Patterns Cerakote vs. Duracoat

Please NoteWhat finish to use depends on the project. Cerakote H-Series (baked on) and has the highest wear test results of all coatings compared. Cerakote is available in C-SERIES (air dry) for use on Plastics, Wood, Scopes etc. C-Series Cerakote wear test are similar to Duracoat on the test result page.

If you plan on using CeraKote,  it requires a heat resistant pattern and not all camouflage patterns shown below are available in a heat resistant pattern.

Shown below are the standard camouflage patterns available. As with the solid colors you can combine different colors on the same gun.  You are not limited to the patterns shown below, the possible color combination's are limited only by your imagination. For example: You could order the Urban camouflage pattern and use the Woodland camouflage colors.

Current Camouflage in Production is Free hand Airbrushed Cerakote.
See Top 3 Examples below.

Colors can be changed to virtually any combo you desire.

Patterns below on Temporary hold (Colors of choices below can be used with Current camouflage above).

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