Remington Cerakote Firearm Coating Services

Cerakote is our choice for firearm re finishing. I only use the oven cure type H. I feel this gives me the most durable and smoothest finishes of any out there. All parts are cleaned, de greased and then blasted with 100-120 grit aluminum oxide. The parts are then sprayed with and Iwata LPH-80 gun and baked at 250 degrees for 2 hours. Many colors are available. Please visit Color sample page for color choices.


PRICE:   Barreled action (all parts removed) $175.00 

Bolt assembly (disassembled) adds $25

Lower metal (removed) adds $25

Rings (removed) $25

Stocks wood/polymer/aluminum $125-200/ black specals on base color adds $30

Disassembly and reassembly of above items from the stock/scope to be coated $45

Mount scope and bore sight $75



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