I just wanted to say thanks again for the great job on my XDm 45.  It looks awesome!  I'm finally one up on my son-in-law.  He's drooling!  I've attached a zip file with pictures of my gun.  If you want to use them for customer pics, feel free.

Thanks, Jeff
Anthem Arizona
The only remorse I experienced buying my XDm 45 was not having fully considered the bitone before I put my money down. As a defensive weapon, I think all black is the smarter choice. That's why I got the black one. But after thinking about it and seeing all these bitones everywhere, I just got the bug.

I looked into changing slides. I even wrote Springfield Armory and asked them, but they still have yet to respond. Meanwhile, I was still jonesin' for a bitone. I looked into hard chrome, but I saw that while overall, it got high marks, but some posts (not all on XDTalk) talked about the hard chrome being harder to keep looking nice.

Then I discovered Cerakote. Durakote didn't ring my chimes, but Cerakote seemed to be much more durable and I liked the baked on process. I wound up getting my slide done to look like the bitone. I used Brushed Aluminum as the color. I started googling and found a reputible dealer local to me in Phoenix. He gave me a great price, at least I think it was great, and told me it would be ready in two weeks. Well, he miscalulated the time estimate. It was ready in two days!

I discovered during this process that it's almost easier to buy a new gun than to remove and replace the sights on an XDm. He told me he could tape off the sights and I envisioned my efforts in bleeding edges and housepainting. But new sights really weren't in my plans or budget, expectially with the CTC LG-448 I'd just bought, so I told him to go for it. Damn, it turned out nice! You can't really tell they were taped unless you inspect it closely and know what to look for.

He runs a small shop, but after this one job, I highly recommend him. He doesn't just do local, as you can see from his website. So, if you're interested in having your gun Cerakoted, especially if you live around Phoenix, check out his site. I'm not affiliated with him in anyway and never met him before two days ago. Just so's you know I'm not recommending my brother-in-law or something like that.

As the Beatles once said, "I'm in Love With my Gun!"

Springfield Armory XDm 45 4.5" bbl
Hogue Handall grip sleeve
Crimson Trace LG-448
AGP +3 Mag Extensions (not shown here)

... and very soon, a custom leather holster from littlebearholsters.com

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